Inside The Porada Factory

The quality furniture produced by Porada is not only the work from the expert craftsmanship that goes into every item. The wood is actually from Porada’s very own forests in France and South America where the walnut comes from. The trees are cut down and regenerated to help the environment sustain the beauty within the forests. Each wooden log cut into planks and treated then left for 10 years at Porada’s warehouse to ensure quality is at its very finest before production.

We visited the Porada factory in Como, Italy and managed to get hands on to show you the complete manufacturing process from beginning to end. Every item of furniture is manufactured in the Porada factory and quality control is at its highest.

From the initial cut of the tree, down to the spraying, finishing and packaging, we tried to capture every aspect to show exactly the work that goes into every item of furniture. We specifically took note of the Infinity dining table which showed each and every piece of the base being cut into shape and connected together to produce the iconic dining table.

It was a pleasure to finish our factory viewing and come back to our showroom, knowing that we can offer these fantastic iconic furniture pieces to our customers, and can pass on the history of Porada to you.

To give you a bit of an insight on the quality you receive with each item of furniture you order through us, browse the Porada factory gallery above and video below.


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