Living Room Decorating Ideas

Living Room Decorating Ideas

As the spot where you visit to unwind, talk to buddies and family, and entertain, the family room needs to walk the road between great style and utter comfort – not necessarily always easy. Whether your home just needs that final touch to create everything together or a little more help, these living room decorating ideas can produce a family room you will be proud to demonstrate and pleased to get home to.


A luxurious rug underfoot feels comfortable and welcoming – and with regards to family room rugs, bigger is certainly better. An area rug that your furniture can take a seat on is good, but a minimum of a ft of every primary furniture piece ought to be around the rug. If you have a rug that’s too small, you could layer it on the top of the bigger (less costly) solid colour or natural fibre rug inside a neutral hue.

Tip: Most traditional-size living spaces are designed for a 240cm x 300cm rug, so unless of course your living room is particularly small, consider springing for a rug with a minimum of this size for a really comfortable, finished look. Bigger living spaces may require something similar to a 300cm x 360cm or perhaps a bigger rug to correctly fill the area.


A wall of shelving, whether custom-built or free standing, is helpful and constitutes a design statement. Floor-to-ceiling shelving also works surprisingly well in a tiny space, since one large, perfectly fitting piece constitutes a room look more spacious and not as cluttered than multiple smaller sized units would.

Tip: Attempt to add a mixture of open shelves and closed cabinets, so that you can hide products which are less attractive (for example consoles) behind closed doorways. If you are using free standing shelving, make sure to get it correctly moored towards the wall for safety.


A big pendant light constitutes a welcome varying from the typical mixture of floor lights and flush-mounted ceiling fixtures. Hanging the lighting low within the table results in a warm and convivial conversation area that beckons individuals to sit and remain some time.

Tip: If you want to frequently arrange your living room furniture, a minimal-hanging pendant light is most likely not the best option. Nobody wants to operate right into a random fitting while attempting to traverse the area!

Really, wall lights do a great deal more than just save space on the floor: throughout a party, when you wish to produce a moodier atmosphere, direct the beam to shine over on your artwork and boost the lighting elsewhere with candle lights.

Tip: Have a photo of the living room to obtain a fresh perspective. Take a look at the photo and consider the shades contained in the area, and choose what could be more apparent.


The form of the sofa sets a tone for the living room. Greater, more structured designs (like the chesterfield) are usually more formal, while lower, softer sofas have a tendency to provide a more laid-back vibe. Low modular sofas (such as the one proven here) are ideal for lounging and could be reconfigured to match the area. You can face them all in the same direction for movie night, for instance, but turn these to create multiple conversation areas for a party.


A console table is nice by itself, but it may be better still having a couple of smart additions: a set of footstools below for added seating, drawers (with drawer dividers) to stash magazines along with other accessories, a skill wall and ceramics for visual interest, along with a light to shine onto it all.

Simply because it’s known as a drinks trolley doesn’t mean it has to hold drinks! Swap the glasses and bottles for a lamp, art and books. Or turn yours right into a tea trolley or perhaps a place for the record player and a collection of your favourite vinyl. Make use of your creativeness, and set your trolley to get results for whatever little assorted items are required at home.

Fresh Ideas

For those who have a window inside your living room that does not have furniture near it, think about this as a chance for a decorating moment. Pull an armchair, sofa or daybed to the window, adding a potted plant, cosy throw along with a place to rest a glass or two. Your neglected corner might just become the perfect new favourite seat! A sizable mirror is, essentially, like adding another window in your room, making your living room feel lighter and much more spacious. Raise the effect much more by positioning plants or perhaps a lamp while watching mirror to mirror greenery and amplify the sunshine.

In case your living room includes a beautiful fireplace, allow that to be the focus. If this sounds like the only real room that you can place the TV, position it aside on a swivel mount, instead of over the mantel. That method for you to still easily watch television when you wish to, however when it’s not being used, the screen can take a step back from center stage.


One charcoal or black wall is sufficient to take the room into focus without overwhelming the area. Bonus: Should you paint the wall behind your TV a very dark hue, it’ll make the screen perform a disappearing act.

Tip: True black looks too stark, however a deep charcoal gray “reads” as black without quite the same intensity. And when your black accent wall still looks a bit darker and uneven, place a bulkier furniture piece before it to counterbalance the drama.


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