Mirrored Bedroom Furniture

Mirrored Bedroom Furniture

Italian designers have been using mirrors in their unique current bedroom collections to reflect the imagery and bounce daylight throughout the room. Mirrored furnishings are a contemporary method to decorate and not only results in a wonderful first impression but will also offer the possiblity to create a glamourous look in any space too.


As opposed to seeing the typical small bedside tables the designers go big on every aspect of their own style by presenting large table lamps to go with the space, provide a classy and chic Parisian feel in the bedroom.

Simple colour blends give a chic and classy look to the space together with both bedside tables and chest of drawers with stunning mirrored finishes.

A big bedside table light illuminates a bedroom nicely and provides adequate light for people who want to read prior to sleeping! A trendy base design adds the very important finishing details, as well as a simple unpretentious shade.

A neat and eye-catching look can simply be replicated and for people who want to dabble in re-vamping their furnishings may gain a similar impact by utilizing mirror tiles stuck to the existing bedside table!


Even though the thought of using mirrors on your furniture might produce smears and fingerprints for many, in all reality, deciding on mirrored furniture implies that it’s much better to keep clean. It’s possible to see the grubby patches and handle them with a glass wipe rather than not spotting the problem and leaving it to get worse.
These are just a few of the factors that mirrored furniture are becoming well liked; they look fantastic, provide you with extra space and can be cleaned effortlessly.

Gorgeous large table lamps and mirrored furniture are available online at Harrogate Interiors at very competitive prices to accomplish your new bedroom look. For further great inspirational ideas and further images of the Porada furniture collection visit browse our furniture range today.

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